Welcome Asst. Prof. Amir Mohajeri from Islamic Azad University, Iran to be committee member!

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Asst. Prof. Amir Mohajeri 

Department of Industrial Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Iran 

Research Area:

Sustainable and Green Transportation, Optimization in Complex Systems, Risk Modelling and Analysis

Research Experience:

My research has been centered on exploring and developing strategies to enhance transportation network sustainability in practice. I have conducted comprehensive studies to understand how transportation networks recognized to be "sustainable"; what are the appropriate metrics for measuring the robustness of transportation network; and what are the lessons learned from decision making under uncertainties in this kind of network.

In one of my large‐scale research projects, I contributed to the development and implementation of life cycle analysis to assess the environmental impact of product transportation. In this process, the effect of carbon emission regulations in selecting four transport modes was investigated.